Thursday, 4 July 2013

Language Arts Organization

Today is becoming an extremely productive day.  I guess that's what happens when my car is out of commission and it's pouring outside.  While I have not finished tackling one of my 'Summer To Dos' I decided to revamp my Language Arts binder today.  It is pretty simple and I thought I would share it with you to give some ideas in the sections of organizing it.  While these sections completely relate to what I teach for Language Arts, if you adjust them to your own program, they could work just as well!  Do keep in mind that these are only the worksheets and such used in the programs, whereas textbooks/workbooks are not included.

 Before I begin, I must warn you that my pictures are not spectacular.  Along with my non-functional car, I have a non-functional camera and therefore was forced to use my phone.  It does the trick though, and will give you the perfect idea as to how to create your own organized Language Arts binder.  Since this is pretty self-explanatory, this will mostly be a picture blogpost :)


( For public speaking competitions or reading records where students try to read enough pages to win a prize)

I especially like the Holidays section, as I always find I am wondering where my Thanksgiving or Christmas sheets and activities are.  Eventually, I would like to make a binder specific to Holiday activities.  

 Throughout the year, I also chose to make notes on specific worksheets or activities I used.  These notes were just made on post-it notes (as seen below) and simply stated what worked and what didn't work, what could be improved, and what to keep in mind.  I plan on updating this and to keep adding to it!

                                      These simple stickys are great, quick reminders!!

Happy Organizing!! :)

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