Monday, 3 September 2012

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love you, Tomorrow...?

Tomorrow is the day it all begins. It is surreal.  After so many years of schooling, I am no longer a student but a teacher.  To think that those years of schooling came to a purpose is incredible.  What a blessing!  God has a purpose for me, and right now it is being a Grade 2 teacher and an Art teacher.  Wow.  It is hard to find the right words for what I am feeling right now - Apprehension, fear, excitement, joy ...those are just a few.  

I think about what the worst is that could happen. I have even looked up horror stories of the first days of teaching online.  The first day can't really be that bad can it?  I am nervous to meet my students, nervous that they won't like me, nervous that I won't be the right teacher.  Nervous for this new beginning.  Did I make the right decision in taking this profession?  Did I make the right decision in taking this specific job?  Can I really do this?

Above all I must remember the purpose behind this all.  Why do I teach?  Why am I starting this crazy adventure?  Why am I taking on this huge challenge?  To glorify God.  I chose to live for Him and I firmly believe this is where He wants me right now.  What a comfort this is.  What a reassurance.  

My trust is in Him.