Sunday, 21 April 2013


Space and planets is turning out to be my favourite Science unit so far.  For some reason, it seems that kids just have such an excitement to learn about the Solar System.  Last week we studied constellations.  To end off the week I had the students pick one of their favourite constellations for a small project.  I decided to buy a writing template and constellation information on TPT (Not something I do often - usually only when I plan a lesson last minute and are really in need for some ideas for help!).  Here's the link: Crazy About Constellations.   In the booklet, the idea was to make the constellations from golden stars on black paper.  I decided to add a little extra fun step with have the students drawing the stars with yellow and white crayons and then painting over them with black watercolour.

Here were some of  the results:

A perfect display for the hallway and a great way to end off a crazy week!

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