Wednesday, 20 March 2013

A Cup of Hot Chocolate...

Looking on people's facebook statuses, talking to the server at Starbucks, and having a phone call from my Mom, I feel that all I have heard today were complaints about the cold, cold weather.  And, I just chimed right in. After I said to the man at Starbucks 'it's spring for Pete's sake!'.  So while, I originally thought I was going to be pretty late with posting this bulletin board, thinking that by this point it's bound to be warm and springy outside, I'd say it still fits the weather right now.

A Cup of Hot Cocoa and a Good Book!

I taught the students about the 5 Ws and had them write book reports on one of their favourite books.  I then had them write good copies of these book reports onto marshmallows in order to fit the theme of the bulletin board!

My mug could have been a bit bigger,,,but gets the point across :).  The rest was pretty simple as I used the background, border, and snow bottom from my last bulletin board on the Lost Snowmen.  

I got the main idea and the marshmallow template from Mrs. Lirette's Learning Blog .  While you might think it's a bit late to use in your own classroom, I would say it's perfect when thinking of those chilly, rainy April days! :)

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