Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Easter Egg Math Facts

Since my school has a two week long March Break, I only have four days with my students before Easter.  Being so short, there's not much time to make decorating the classroom worth it or to even do much Easter activities.  But I thought of one quick and easy idea that will be great for the students who finish their Math work early this next week.

I decided to buy some plastic eggs, take a permanent marker, and write down some math facts.  On the top part of each egg I wrote down the multiplication statement and at the bottom, the answer (obviously mixing up the colours).  Putting them in two baskets, all the students have to do is match the right top with the right bottom.  This is great not only to keep students busy and practising their multiplication facts, but also for me to check after for assessment.

Problem is - I bought a bag of 40 eggs.  What to do with the rest?  

Some ideas I have... 

- Write a different journal topic in each egg, and when the students are finished their work they have to pick an egg and write a journal entry.
- Put a little treat in each egg to give to the students for Easter break.

Any other ideas?? :)

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