Monday, 23 September 2013

Summer Scoops Bulletin Board

Yes, I realize I have been slacking on my blog posts.  While laziness has definitely played a part in this, I have also felt minimal motivation.  I began this blog mostly for myself - something for me to enjoy, hoping that others will gain inspiration from my enjoyment.  I don't want it to become simply work.  Today, I feel like that motivation has slightly returned!  :)

About two weeks ago I put up a bulletin board to display my students' writings about their summers.  The bulletin board was my welcome board at the beginning of the year, which I turned into the students' summer reflections. You can see both below!

You may notice I have a mere 7 students this year in my class :).

I had the students write their reflections on ice cream scoops.  This idea worked well as the students wanted to write more so that they could fill more scoops!  What a great motivation to keep them writing! :)  While it might be a little late to do this project in your classroom now, it could be a great one for the end of the year!  Leave a comment if you would like the template for the scoops!

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