Friday, 14 December 2012

Simply Interactive

One more week until the holidays!  We finished our Christmas concert, and now have four more days of teaching and one field trip day.  I am looking forward to simply doing something different.  I love teaching, but I love time with my husband, family, and friends even more.  After being extremely busy for the past three and a half months, it will be nice to spend that long-awaited time needed with loved ones. 

In the meantime, I am finishing up our Christmas themes in the classroom.  The beginning of this week I put up a Christmas bulletin board.  It is my first interactive bulletin board for this year for my Grade 2's.  It is very simple, but still including activity from students.  We have been learning more and more about adjectives all throughout the past month or so, so I came up with the followng:

Now, I know there is not too much to it, but the fact that the students get to put up their own adjectives is exciting enough for them!  (Yes, there could definitely have been a bit more creativity done with this board, but it was the best I could do during this busy season!)  This is how it looked after the first morning of putting it up.  At this point the board is pretty much covered with different Christmas adjectives.  While at first they started with red, white, green, etc., students are now encouraged to think of more creative adjectives.  It is fun to see what they come up with!  Students are then encouraged to use these words in their writing as well.  

It's just a start into interactive bulletin boards for my classroom, but you have to start somewhere!  As for Christmas decorations, next year let's hope I am more on top of things so as to make my classroom a bit more exciting.  :)

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