Thursday, 27 December 2012

Lost Snowmen

Winter is officially here!  Last night, Tim and I were caught in the first real snowfall I've seen yet this winter, as we were driving home from my in-laws Christmas celebrations.  It was a beautiful sight!  Winter is not my favourite season.  But if it has to be this cold, then why not add some snow to it?  It always makes me feel like the world is a different place - peaceful, calm, and cozy.

Before I left for the holidays I began to make my classroom also have that winter feeling to it.  I was inspired by this bulletin board:

Lost! Create a snowman, and describe the snowman so that others can find the one that is yours.

I adored this idea!  And so did my Grade 2's! :)  After designing my own bulletin board, this is how it turned out:

This is definitely one of my favourites yet!  It is so fun to see other kids in the school trying to guess who's snowman is whose.  There is still a lot of time to add this bulletin board for this winter.  Comment on this post if you are interested and would like the templates for the snowmen and the "Lost" clues sheet!  

I cannot believe it is already December 27 - Christmas has come and gone, the new year is almost here, and the holiday will soon be over...welll, let's not think about that quite yet!  I am enjoying the break a little too much :)


  1. Could you send me a template for the Lost Clues sheet?

    1. So Sorry for my late response! I looked for the template but could not find the original from this post. I simply made it on Word, added clipart snowflakes and a border. Hope that helps a bit!