Wednesday, 31 October 2012

A New Month

I am thankful tonight for a little extra time this evening to just take some time to relax.  Really, I am in need of it with this tiresome cold I am battling.  With a conference for the next two days, I don't have any classes to plan for (...Just lots of report cards to prepare of course :) so why not take the time to show one of my earlier projects?  

It is a new month and therefore time for a change of bulletin boards!  Before I do that however, I must share my favourite bulletin board from October.  Having 5 bulletin boards to change each month (two for my Art room and three for my Grade 2 classroom) it is tough to continue to think of creative ideas each month for all boards.  I've made it my goal therefore to come up with at least one especially thought out, creative bulletin board per month.  For October I came up with a 'Fall into a Good Book' Bulletin Board.  A fabulous idea, which I took from much searching for book report bulletin board ideas on Pinterest.  

I made the idea my own and this is what I came up with:

"Fall into a Good Book"
I simply printed letters off, along with a leaf template book report and added a fall coloured bordered and leaves.  The tree was also a nice touch, which the school had already. The leaf book reports were a hit with my students.  It was a great way to introduce book reports with a fun twist. 

For one of my next bulletin boards students are currently writing letters to Veterans for Remembrance Day. I am looking forward to seeing how these turn out!  

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