Sunday, 28 October 2012

2 Months in..

My original intent for this blog was to write about my first year of teaching.  I figured I'd write in it at least once a week, but hoping for twice a week.  Whether it be to simply talk about my experiences as a first a year teacher or to share ideas I've found or come up with for my classroom.  Well, it is now coming to the end of October and here is my second post.  They were all right when they said I would be the busiest I could be my first year of teaching.  

So far the experience has been indescribable.  Thinking back to 2 months ago, I could not have imagined myself here at this point.  I have grown so much through mistakes made every day, encouraging and extremely helpful colleagues, and just simply through getting to know my students.  

God has been faithful through it all.  Through those days I did not think I could get through because of misbehaved students, lesson plans gone wrong, and complaining parents, He has been there giving me patience and endurance.  I praise Him for this.  

Now I come to approach the time of report cards for my first time.  Assessing my students is something I feel anxious about.  Will I display each child as best as can be?  In some way it seems that these grades and marks are what define these children.  Oh how I wish that could be different!  

Before I close up I just want to share one project I have done with the students of my school.  For Thanksgiving we have the privilege of having a big feast to celebrate the goodness of God.  I was in charge of some of the art work for this feast.  I wanted to come up with something that involved the entire school on one project.  My reasoning was that this would be an opportunity for the students to see the school as a community - all connected with the love of Christ.  This is what I came up with:

(I simply made a tree on Bristol board and had each student in the school add their fingerprint to act as fall leaves.  My hope was that the tree would be filled more with fingerprints, but with a such a small school, it makes for a difficult task.)

I call it the Thankful Tree, indicating that we, as a school, are thankful for God's love, and that is what connects us as a community.   Next year I would like to do a project that shows this a bit more.  Though, I still liked the way this one turned out, I am not sure if the whole idea behind it came across to the students as well as I hoped.

Hopefully, soon I will be able to add more projects I am working on with my Art students as well as my Grade 2's.  I'd like to say that will happen later this week, but I make no promises. :)

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  1. Charissa Laarman30 October 2012 at 06:21

    Love the thankful tree! Great way to display the school as a community for thanksgiving :) Looking forward to seeing more of your art projects!