Monday, 20 May 2013

Drawing to Music

Since my last post was about music in the classroom (found here) I figured it was appropriate to blog about a music art activity that I did with the Grade 4's that ended up working quite well! 

 I began by having students fold big pieces of scrap paper into about 6 sections.  I then played many different types of music (only Karaoke versions so that no lyrics were heard) and had students draw lines to the music.  It was their choice what to draw, but they had to be line drawings.  When we were finished, I went around to each student and together we picked the favourite, which they then made into a colourful oil pastel drawing.  Students were only allowed to use 3 colours in their pastel drawings.  

Here are some examples as to how they turned out:


Electric Rock

Electric Rock

This project was much like the Grade 4's Expressions with Line drawings (found here).  I found they really enjoyed both projects.  They also turn out to be wonderfully colourful art pieces!  

As for the last few weeks of art classes I plan on doing some fun end of the year projects.  I have specifically some great ideas from Art Mash blog.  I'm excited to use some of these ideas!

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