Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Advertisements and Perspective

Since Grade 6 did such a great job persevering through their long Pointillism project (see here), I wanted to give them something a little more fun for their next project.  I decided to work on advertisements with them.  I found this great idea on the following blog:  Mrs. Dahl: Projects from the Classroom .   

I had the Grade 6s make an advertisement for candy or a chocolate bar of their choice.  The catch was, the candy bar had to be 3D on their paper.  They were given cardboard, tin foil, felt, and any other scrap they could find to use.  The candy bar had to be 3D and the rest of the paper had to be advertising this candy bar.  This project was different from any I had given them yet this year - their first 3D project.  The results were great!  (You will notice a lot of colourful dots - They found some bingo dabbers and could not get enough haha)

Pop Up Advertisements - Grade 6

I just find these so creative!  Definitely a little more enjoyable for the students than the pointillism as well :)

While Grade 6 was allowed to let their creativity shine through their project, I did a little more of a  structured project with the Grade 4 class - One Point Perspective.  Since the focus for Grade 4 is the element of line, I thought it was a good grade to do some perspective drawing with.  I found this great lesson plan (with drawing steps and everything!) on the following blog: smART Class .  These steps were amazing and so helpful!  I will admit - perspective is not my strong point.  But these steps made it so easy to teach!  And helped the students come to a very clear understanding of it.  I highly recommend checking out her blog if you are considering teaching perspective!  Here are a few of the results:

One Point Perspective - Grade 4
While I told the students they could either do a street scene or a river scene they all chose street.  I had them colour with pencil crayons all the detailed items, and then do the background with watercolour.  If I was to do it again, I definitely would have had them colour with crayons and cover the background with watercolour after that, so that the crayon would nicely show through the watercolour.

Well that's all for now. This week, Grade 6 is working on making dinosaurs out of paper bags, tin foil, plaster-sine, toilet paper rolls, and paint. I am really looking forward to seeing the end results!  This is how far we are:

Well, enjoy your week and thanks for stopping by!  Feel free to leave me a comment or two! :)


  1. Great creative art project ideas! Love the 3D candy ads! So fun! Looking forward to seeing the completed dinosaur projects!

    1. Thanks Char! They are almost done! Just one more art class... :)