Friday, 18 January 2013

A Snowy Day

As much as I dislike winter, I do love how the classroom looks with winter decorations!  For the past week I have been having my students make snowflakes after they finish their agendas, or if they finish their work a bit early.  Some even ask to stay in during recess to make them.  I'll admit, it is for a selfish reason.  I just love the way they look all over the classroom!  

I also needed one more 'wintery' bulletin board.  I saw lots of great ideas on Pinterest about how no two snowflakes are alike, but I decided simply to do a writing assignment about a snowy day.  I just love the way the colours look on this bulletin board!  It isn't the most exciting bulletin board, but I still really like the way it turned out!

I found my snowflake templates here.  I had to help most students fold the paper, but they turned out so nice so I didn't mind!  Some students also chose to make their own designs.  The writing piece is simply about their favourite activities to do on a snowy day.  Our focus is on detail and adjectives so they had to make sure to include those.  If you would like the template for the writing piece just comment!  :)

Well it's the weekend!!  Time for a date night of pizza and a movie with my wonderful hubby.  I am ready to relax!  Enjoy your weekend as well :)  

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  1. Love that bulletin board! The snowflakes are so pretty!